The Original Hagen Plumbing 'A Professional Plumbing Contractor' Since 1980'


      The History of Hagen Plumbing Inc.

Founded in early 1980 by Peter & Cheryl Hagen, Hagen Plumbing has become

 Southern California's Premier Commercial Municipal Residential Plumbing Contractor & Certified Backflow Tester.

'Time Tested & Approved'

Our Founder and Leader Pete Hagen.

Based in Downey ,CA Hagen Plumbing is a Leading provider of Residential & Commercial plumbing since the Early 1980's.

With over 30 years in the Industry Pete has successfully navigated his way into the fabric of Southern California's plumbing Industry and Back Flow service. With Numerous plumbing Companies to choose from many of Los Angeles Counties major Property Management companies and School Districts have chosen to use Hagen Plumbing for their Time tested Service and Quality workmanship. Thanks Pete for a Legacy of Impeccable Service!

With Every Great President there is a

Vice President that compliments The Leadership.

Making incredible efforts to Support The family business 'Mrs. Hagen'  is no Stranger to hard work

The foundation of A successful Legacy!

Thank You Mrs. Hagen !